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5521  venice blvd  los angeles  CA  90019

Private Residence

Hollywood Hills, CA

A Nichol’s Canyon 40’s ranchstyle modern with bat and board siding, a kidney shaped pool and a green quartz swanky soft curve fireplace feature ...and an early nineties “nouveau modern” master suite remodel featured in Metropolitan Home.

Our mission was to somehow merge the two harmoniously. Fun project!

We stripped excessive materials, sandblasted beams and posts, added stonework, polished black aggregate and galvanized steel, we then neutralized the color palette and added more walls of brazilian glass tile walls in guest baths. For additional privacy,  we provided complimentary exterior security partitions and refined the hardscape. Then a few new fixtures, select furnishings, cabinetry  and lighting turned it into a timeless little gem.

Later it was discovered to be a Neutra according to Renovation Home magazine!

I’d like to think our contribution to this project did Neutra well.

photos by Don Stewart


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