Private Residence

Hollywood Hills, CA

Complete interior and exterior renovation of a newer-construction-built-on-spec “box” replete with slabs of black granite, yellow high gloss maple flooring, 12” slate grid baths, Yingdong  (pink & black) granite countertops, white melamine and  faux cherry cabinets ...and  a mass of 6” recessed cans penetrating the ceilings like swiss cheese throughout. 

Desiderata Design assembled the team and began by stripping away all of the superfluous finishes, materials and lighting. We then proceeded by opening the place up, removing soffits, way too many doors, odd and random walls, cubbies and corners. The project took a lot of figuring out in-the-field but eventually we got to a place of clean, calm and a renewed, actually NEW, sense of architecture.  We then plastered everything with a plan to paint it stark white.  However, the soft and subtle, organic, raw plaster was so lovely... we decided to embrace the serenity of this new backdrop to the POP, ancient, playful, sophisticated and ever changing collection of furnishings and art to suit our client’s desires.

We worked very closely with our client to pull together every exacting detail of this installation.

Our final work was featured in Interior Design magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and Hollywood Bachelor Pads.

5521  venice blvd  los angeles  CA  90019

tel: 323-793-7988

photos by Don Stewart


   desiderata design, inc.