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Pizza Hut - Photo Studio

Culver City, CA

The original concept of this space was for shooting live action commercials complete with a break away restaurant and catwalks in the main studio, a fully operational commercial pizza kitchen in the middle and the most basic yellow enamel walls and suspended ceiling in the offices and conference room.

With most commercials being shot on location and a major increase in print and online photography requirements it was time to update! 

Desiderata Design assembled the team and removed all but the commercial kitchen.

Expanding it a bit to fit a second pizza oven. We then painted a very realistic sky mural on all of the 25’ high surrounding walls and painted the exterior walls of the kitchen a deep brick red, making it feel as if there was a free standing pizza factory in the middle of nowhere ...or Kansas. Having spent countless 14+ hour days there as a prop stylist, It was so important to make this place feel great.

photos by Don Stewart


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