5521  venice blvd  los angeles  CA  90019

tel: 323-793-7988

In the late 80‘s Michael Folonis was awarded the project to expand a late 50’s post and beam perched above Doheny.  He did a brilliant job.  Rather than tearing down or bastardizing a sweet modern gem he carefully crafted ‘new’ architecture while preserving the simple and pure.

In the mid nineties we were awarded a make-over/renovation of this same project to add a master den and bath and expand the master suite and to give it a ‘look’ or personality.

As with any project, we start with client desires, input and preferences... we next look to the existing and planned architecture to begin to develop a concept and plan.

In this case we embraced the original as well as Mr. Folonis vision of keeping them separate yet harmonious while always giving precedence to client preferences.

Contractor: Grace Lucero

photos by Don Stewart


   desiderata design, inc.