Private Residence

Palm Springs, CA

After a mass resurgence of modernism in the mid 1990‘s, when the 30-somethings were discovering Saarinen, Bertoia, Knoll ...and flocking to Palm Springs to pick them up in thrift shops and live the modern lifestyle,  many great homes were uncovered, dusted off and painted bright white with a high contrast pop of color as an accent throughout with enormous heavily watered lush green lawns.  We were given the opportunity to rethink this project mid-renovation.

Our desire on this Alexander was to deconstruct the Neo Modernist view.

Stripping and sandblasting all materials down to their raw nature in order to compliment the gorgeous desert surroundings.  Colorizing only the stucco, a deep pine green pulled from needles of the trio of Aleppo Pines triangulating the property, the steel... a red oxide, a deep rusty tone usually used as a primer on raw steel also found in the Aleppo’s deep bark  grooves and hints of it as the sun cascades upon the dramatic mountain backdrop and the local decomposed granite as the base of a very natural, yet modern landscape.

photos by Don Stewart


   desiderata design, inc.